Sebastian Kurth

The developer

"At PASS I provide active support in projects and test new programs for our customers."

Sebastian, Apprentice Application Development

Career at PASS

  • Since 2018 – Training as IT specialist for application development

What are your most important tasks?

Important tasks on my part include active work and support in customer projects. For example, installing new features and fixing bugs in programs as well as testing and documenting data sets for different projects and colleagues.

How did the first months of your training go?

During the induction phase, I was taught everything I needed to know to do my job. Although it was a bit stressful due to some ongoing projects, my colleagues always made time for me.

What is important to you about your work?

Important to me about my work is that it has a benefit and serves a purpose.

Which soft skills are important in your job?

Important for my job are a good grasp of the situation to be able to process all information well and an understanding of sequential processes so that you can make a plan for yourself and understand the code of others better. A certain amount of error tolerance is also necessary, because it is normal that your own code often needs to be overhauled or optimized several times.

What does PASS matter for you?

For me, PASS is a continuous progress, which is mainly expressed in technological aspects like virtualization and automation.

What do you like about your team?

What I particularly appreciate about my team is the friendly environment and the helpfulness of the colleagues, which combined with their professional competence means that for almost every problem there is at least one person who can help and will do so as soon as the time is available.

Do you have a tip for a newcomer to your job at PASS?

For newcomers I can only recommend to ask for help with problems and not to be afraid to have things explained to them until they are actually understood. The earlier you start to understand basic concepts, the better you can learn everything that builds on them. Most employees are also good at conveying their knowledge.

What can your boss learn from you?

Like my colleagues, I bring a fresh perspective on problem solving and approaches. I can also help with decisions regarding functionality and design from the perspective of a modern consumer.