Michael Spatz

Digital Sports Consultant

Academic and vocational education

International management at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

Career at PASS

09.2013 – 05.2015:Corporate Communications / Marketing
08.2016:Digital Sports Consultant

A goal scorer in handball and team player on the job 

For many years now, Michael has put his passion for team sports into practice as the top performer and star athlete of the TV Großwallstadt handball club. As a member of the PASS Consulting Group team, Michael can integrate competitive sports and career planning.

Why was it important to you to build up a second pillar of support at PASS alongside your handball career?

Sooner or later, every athlete reaches the end of their sports career. It’s obviously important to start preparing for this point early on in order to be well-equipped to handle life afterwards. During my handball career, I earned a bachelor’s degree in international management from the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and began working two or three days a week in PASS’s corporate communications department in 2013.

What do you consider to be the biggest challenge of an office job?

Having to sit still and the fact that the workday starts somewhat earlier in comparison to my days as a professional handball player.

Is there any difference between teamwork at PASS and teamwork in handball?

In general, working in a team is essential for both activities and of immense significance to achieving success. However, all in all I’d say that the tone of interactions is somewhat more brusk and direct in handball – on the court, decisions have to be made quickly and there’s no time for team discussions.

And to what extent is your special role in the team different?

I’ve been at TV Großwallstadt for ten years now – with a one-year break – and am currently the oldest player and top performer, and was team captain when we played in the Bundesliga. This of course means that I’m in a leadership role. This has developed over time, meaning that in recent years I’ve always been the go-between for the board and the team. My role is different at PASS. Here, I’m a member of a relatively new team that primarily focuses on digitization in sports.

Your work at PASS is mental, while your work at TV Großwallstadt is physical. How do you keep a sense of balance in your personal life?

At the moment, I have a lot to do, what with my work at PASS, training sessions every evening in Großwallstadt, and games on the weekends. I try to take advantage of my free time and relax to some degree, whether it’s by spending time by a lake or on my terrace in the summer or going out to eat with friends.