Daniel Obier

The musician

"What's important to me about my profession is that I get to do a varied job and solve new problems every day."

Daniel, apprentice IT specialist for system integration

Career at PASS

  • Since 2021 – apprenticeship as IT specialist for system integration

What did you do before you joined PASS?

After a few semesters of studying computer science, I decided to take up a hobby of mine professionally a few years ago and became a drummer and drum teacher. After 10 years in this job, I have now turned back to IT and started an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration at PASS.

What are your most important tasks?

Currently, I work mainly in client support and take care of solving various IT problems on a daily basis. I am also jointly responsible for the coordination and maintenance of the data center infrastructure.

How did the first months of your training go?

My induction was quick and pleasant. The team made it very easy for me to get started.

What is important to you about your work?

What's important to me about my job is that I can do a varied job and solve new problems every day. I prefer that to always doing the same tasks. I also want to arrive at work every day with a positive feeling and a smile on my face and leave it in the same way, which has been the case without exception so far.

Which soft skills are important in your job?

The ability to flexibly and quickly find one's way in unknown situations and to be able to get an overview. In addition, a calm manner and a healthy sense of humor do not hurt at all!

If your job were a sport, what would that be?

This could best be compared with team handball – a mixture of teamwork and speed!

What does PASS matter to you?

What I appreciate most about PASS is the way people interact with each other. It's a fun atmosphere to work in.

What do you like about your team?

The great willingness to help! Each person is helped by everyone and we all work together as equals.

Do you have a tip for a newcomer to your job at PASS?

My only tip: Interest in the subject! The rest will settle down quickly by itself.

What can your boss learn from you?

Playing the drums!

Is there a special experience or anecdote that you associate with PASS?

So far, nothing has happened that really deserves the stamp "anecdote". But I hope to stay with PASS long enough for that to change!