Noah Jessberger

The service-oriented

"The varied tasks in IT ensure that no two workdays are the same." 

Noah, apprentice IT specialist for system integration

Career at PASS

  • Since 2020 – apprenticeship as IT specialist for system integration

What are your most important tasks?

On a daily basis, of course, I provide the necessary support to colleagues with their technical problems. I also look after our telephone system and am responsible for the monthly Windows updates. Checking our hardware in the data center is also one of my tasks.

How did the first months of your training go?

At PASS, you very quickly get your own areas of responsibility and take responsibility for them yourself. This also allows you to build up your own area of expertise, so that you quickly become an important team member.

What is important to you about your work?

The varied tasks in IT ensure that no two workdays are the same. As a result, we trainees are confronted with new situations every day and learn something new every day.

Which soft skills are important in your job?

Definitely a great willingness to learn and communicate. Also, understanding and patience for colleagues who may not be as tech savvy.

If your job were a sport, what would that be?

Probably soccer. Everyone on the team has their own position with their own tasks. Nevertheless, in the end, they all work together for the same goal.

What does PASS matter to you?

A very pleasant way of dealing with each other and the chance to learn and develop.

What do you like about your team?

In Client Support, we are probably one of the younger teams in the company in terms of age. That's why we're all on roughly the same wavelength and always happy to support each other.

Do you have a tip for a newcomer to your job at PASS?

Do not hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions for improvement. A "fresh" or new perspective may help to improve a process in the long term.

Is there a special experience/anecdote that you associate with PASS?

Setting up the infrastructure in our new data center here in Aschaffenburg was a unique experience, with many important lessons learned. It is rare that we completely prepare a building here from the shell to the actual operation. Despite some hurdles, my colleagues and I mastered this task.