Heinrich Wilhelm

The Developer

"Through the automatic code generation of the PASS Software Factory, I can have a lot of work done by robots during development, which gives me more time for the more abstract topics of the projects."

Heinrich, Certified Innovation Consultant


Academic education

Computer Science at the Technical University of Darmstadt

Career with PASS

  • Januar 2017 – Assistant Innovation Consultant
  • September 2017 - Junior Innovation Consultant
  • Januar 2019 - Certified Innovation Consultant

What was your induction like at PASS?

To start with, I attended a welcome event where I received an integration plan with suggestions, training sessions and self-study courses. This plan had to be worked through by attending the prescribed classroom sessions and completing the training courses. As part of the independent study, I not only got to grips with PASS process engineering but I also learned about the company philosophy. I quickly came into contact with the in-house Software Factory, whose tutorials helped me to solve simple tasks. It only took four weeks before I was able to get involved on my first project and learn a lot about the Software Factory. I found the integration to be an extremely pleasant experience.

How does PASS encourage your personal and professional development?

I already realized that PASS had a lot to offer during the induction phase. I came across the PASS Academy during the induction phase, which offers many seminars and other training opportunities in six different competence areas. PASS Academy gives every employee the opportunity to develop in any direction they wish. The training on offer ranges from short training courses, which can be completed at home with a CD, through to presentations on one evening, up to multistage lectures with exercises. Another aspect that I value a lot is that employee appraisals are held on an annual basis where, on the one hand, I as an employee can highlight my current goals and, on the other, I receive feedback and an idea of what PASS expects from me in the future. Common goals are agreed upon at the end of these meetings, with the aim of achieving further development on both a personal and professional level.

What do you like most about working for PASS?

The thing that I like the most about PASS is the laid-back atmosphere. The company philosophy, whereby everyone knows each other on a first-name basis, means that employees do not feel distant from one another, but more familiar and on an equal footing. The personal atmosphere gives the company a much stronger community spirit, which not only increases motivation but also adds to the team spirit.

What does your range of responsibilities look like at PASS?

My focus is on software development in the field of R&D. In this department, there are many different projects that are heavily supported by the Software Factory. The automatic code generation function of the Software Factory means I have less work to do in development, which gives me more time to tackle the more abstract aspects of the projects. No two workdays are the same at PASS and this means that you are constantly faced with new challenges, which not only serve the project, but also the further development of the Software Factory.