Michael Spatz

Scorer in handball – team player on the job

"At PASS I can do my part to digitize sports clubs and professional sports companies and make them fit for the future."

Michael, Consultant Digital Sports


Academic education

International Management at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

Career with PASS

  • September 2013 – Corporate Communications/Marketing
  • August 2016 – Consultant Digital Sports

Why was it important for you to build up a second leg with PASS in addition to your handball career?

For every competitive athlete, there comes a time when the sporting career comes to an end. It is of course important to prepare for this point at an early stage in order to be ideally prepared for life after sport. During my handball career at Ansbach University, I completed my bachelor's degree in "International Management" and in 2013 I started working two to three times a week in Corporate Communications at PASS.

What is the biggest challenge for you personally at the office job?

Sitting still and that the working day – in contrast to the professional times as a handball player – starts a little earlier.

Does teamwork at PASS differ from teamwork in a handball team?

In general, working as part of a team is very important for both activities and plays a decisive role in their success. But on the whole I would say that the tone of handball is a bit harsher and more direct – especially on the pitch decisions have to be made quickly and there is no time for team discussions.

And to what extent does your special role in the team differ?

I have been active at TV Großwallstadt for almost 12 years - with a one-year break. Meanwhile I am the oldest player, top performer and captain of the team in the Bundesliga. Of course I have a leading role in that. This has developed over the years and I have always been the link between the board, the coach and the team. At PASS I have a different role. Here I am a member of a relatively new team that is primarily concerned with the topic of "digitisation in sport".

At PASS you do mental work, at TV Großwallstadt you do physical work. What kind of balance do you seek in your free time?

At the moment I have a lot to do with my work at PASS and every evening training in Großwallstadt plus play at the weekend. I try to use my free time and relax a bit, be it in the summer at the lake, on my terrace or with friends while eating.