Sabine Nolte


Executive Finance & Controlling

Academic Qualifications:
Studies in Information Technology at Wurzburg University

Career at PASS

04.1990 - 10.1990: 

 Graduate Student

03.1992 - 10.1993: 

 PR Consultant

11.1993 - 12.1996: 

 Head of Training

01.1997 - 09.1999: 

 Head of Controlling

07.1998 - 08.2007: 

 Management of PASS 2improveU GmbH

01.2001 - 01.2004: 

 Director PASS IT-Consulting Ptv. Ltd., Hyderabad, India

01.2008 - 12.2014:

 Board of Directors of PASS Logistics Solutions AG

06.2016 - 12.2017:

 Management of agentes-group

since 10.1999: 

 Member of the Executive Board and Head of Finance

since 01.2015:

 Director PASS Consulting Services GmbH

since 01.2015:

 Chief Operating Officer (COO)

What does PASS mean to you?

PASS is my second family and is a large part of my life. I joined PASS as a graduate student almost 20 years ago, so the organization has had a strong influence on me – you could say I grew up at PASS and PASS plays an important role in the “story of my life”.

What has kept you so long at the company?

In all these years PASS has offered me new possibilities and development opportunities and I continually have the chance to face new challenges. As long as the results are correct, everyone has a high degree of independence and freedom in their daily work. In addition, I was offered a flexible family-friendly work-time model, that makes it possible for me to combine family and career. With the good working atmosphere, the continually changing work and the development opportunities at the PASS Consulting Group, there has never been a reason for me to even think about a change.

What was your greatest challenge at PASS?

My greatest challenge was the development and implementation of our ERP System PASS-IS and at the same time and following this, building up controlling.

What makes PASS so unique compared to other companies?

I think that the flat hierarchies and development opportunities for everyone are unique characteristics compared to other organizations. At PASS everyone will be supported according to their potential and interests. PASS is not rigid but full of life, not set in stone but flexible and above all open to new ideas.

What are the factors of success for you?

The most important is to enjoy success – only then someone is happy to work for it! Commitment is essential as without the investment of interest and time there cannot be success. For every new challenge to have a positive attitude “not possible – doesn’t exist”. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – only of repeating mistakes. Also curiosity and the desire for new knowledge, especially in subjects unrelated to the business should not be lacking.