Deutschlandstipendium 2020

PASS supports scholarship holders in 2020

For the third time in a row the PASS Consulting Group is participating in the offer of the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt.

This year again, the PASS Consulting Group supports young people from IT-related courses of study within the context of the "Deutschlandstipendium", the German scholarship. For the third time in a row, the Aschaffenburg-based IT- and software company is participating in the program of the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt. Prior to this - between 2013 and 2017 - the company had already cooperated with the TU Darmstadt in this area. Three students from Eastern European and Asian countries will thus receive the support they need to complete a Bachelor's or Master's degree course in Germany.

The German scholarship at Frankfurt UAS was introduced in 2011 with the aim of supporting high-performing and committed young people on their educational path and further developing the scholarship culture in Germany. The special thing: Private sponsors, including companies such as the PASS Consulting Group, are involved in financing the project. Meanwhile, the universities organize the selection and the type of support for the scholarship holders. A total of 54 scholarships were awarded this year. These are distributed among 21 sponsors.

"The commitment of the sponsors provides not only the students, but also society and the economy with the most important tool to be successful in the global innovation competition: Education and the opportunities it creates," explained Prof. Dr.-Ing. René Thiele, Vice President for Studies and Teaching at Frankfurt UAS, in his welcoming address.

The German scholarship is of course also intended to bring the sponsors and recipients into closer contact - the benefits can be positive in many ways. As every year, the first opportunity to get to know each other was a festive evening at the UAS in Frankfurt. Chief Operating Officer Sabine Nolte was on site for PASS, where she had the opportunity to meet the three foreign scholarship holders personally for the first time.

All three had already introduced themselves to the company in a personal letter in advance. István Máté Horváth (Hungary), Tulga Tserenbaljir (Mongolia) and Phuc Mai (Vietnam) reported on their previous experiences in Germany and took the opportunity to thank them personally for the opportunity to study in Frankfurt and the financial support provided by PASS.

"For PASS there are several advantages to supporting the German scholarship. On the one hand, we as a company are fulfilling our social obligation and, on the other hand, we would like to continue using the program as a recruiting tool for new personnel in the future," said Nolte. "We have offered all three scholarship holders the prospect of an internship or working student position at PASS.”

At the end of the evening, a photo was taken, which shows the scholarship holders and their sponsors in a joint round.

Deutschlandstipendium 2020

Further information on the German scholarship can be found here:

Picture: Frankfurt UAS