About PASS


The PASS Consulting Group is an international group of companies. The core competencies are IT-Consulting, Software-Development, Project-Management and Solution Providing.

We have made our mark by means of our high-productive software development- and allocation techniques (Generators of the Solution Factory).

PASS was founded in 1981 and has more than 600 employees.

Vision / Mission


PASS strives for the development of IT products, solutions and services in zero-effects quality and for market leadership in automated software generation.

PASS will be a quality enterprise that achieves perfection in customer orientation, organization and leadership, based on competences and values. These values include amongst others truthfulness, appreciation, responsibility and independence.


We develop customized software for the price of standard software, based on reusable components. According to this, our core competencies are consulting, project management, manual and automated software development.

Our goal at PASS is to make our customers successful by means of competent consulting and by the use of IT products and solutions. The customer defines “success”.


What distinguishes PASS?

Why should you choose PASS?

What does PASS have that other organizations don’t have?

What does PASS offer its employees?

What does PASS expect from employees?


There are phases in life when it’s important for employees to balance private interests or family life with work life. To achieve this, they are prepared to accept less pay.

These options can be considered in part-time models, by means of sabbaticals, by downshifting and a highly flexible team and organization.

Here are some examples of colleagues who have taken advantage of our offers to balance their professional and private lives.

Flexible working hours