The PASS Academy

PASS Consulting Group has successfully offered consulting and its products in the market since 1981. This know-how is the basis for the training and educational program offered by the PASS Academy. The Academy organizes internal company development opportunities for the entire PASS Group. To continue to meet the challenging market demands in the future, the PASS Academy imparts to employees the latest technologies and all the competencies that characterize a successful consultant.

These development opportunities are always available to all employees and are free of charge. For the time investment, value is placed on short and intensive compact courses.

What are the advantages of having our own Academy?

The PASS Academy is independent, so it can develop its own seminar program individually and react quickly to market requirements.

As we believe that a consultant needs more than technical know-how, our seminars are based on six major competencies (see chart). A consultant needs to continually train and develop these competencies. Twice a year the Academy develops a seminar program with a large range of different courses covering the areas of industry sectors, IT, management, methods/techniques, and social/cultural competencies. 

Overview of Seminars

Extract from current program

Competence area: Information Technology

  • Cloud Development
  • ITIL V3 - Foundation
  • Maven - advanced
  • Construction of Secure Web Applications

Competence area: Methods

  • Presentation Training
  • OOA and OOD, Confident Use of UML Diagrams
  • Method-driven IT Project Management
  • Business Process Modeling

Competence area: Industrial Sectors

  • Banking Seminar Module 2: Credit Business (Financing)
  • Banking Seminar Module 5: Investment Banking

Competence area: Management

  • PRINCE2:2009 Foundation
  • Agile Project Management with Scrum
  • English in the Workplace
  • Team Building – Successful Team Development and Leadership

Social Competence

  • Guerilla Rhetoric: Quick-Witted and Calm Reactions
  • The Art of Convincing – Effective Speaking – With Arguments That Inspire
  • Outfit Consulting – the Consultant’s Outfit
  • Speech Training & Articulation – Effective Voice and Speech Techniques

Competence area: Culture

  • The Photographic Eye – Professional Photography for Beginners
  • Philosophy compact
  • Schools of Thoughts on the Economy – Keynesian, (Neo) Classic, Monetarists, Neo Liberal
  • Chess