Management Development Center

Systematic development of management skills

PASS places great importance on systematically developing its employees’ management skills. The concept for the Management Development Center (MDC) leadership development program was created in cooperation with the APRIORI Center of Expertise. The aim of the two-year program is to prepare participants for a career in Business Development Management – the most complex position that can be reached at PASS. In this program employees bear responsibility for the results, which means that they are responsible for customers, employees and resources as well as products and services.

The APRIORI Center of Expertise developed the MDC based on programs from leading business schools. It consists of ten modules:

  • Strategic decision making
  • Business and corporate ethics
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Presentations and public speaking
  • Motivational and personality concepts
  • Economic policy and economic freedom
  • Customer management and communication
  • Employee management and development
  • Business development and entrepreneurship
  • Success factors in the New Economy

The participants work through the topics in a blended learning program comprising self-study and workshops. Both internal and external speakers are present during the periods of attendance. As a founder-run company, the PASS management board is strongly involved in the program. This creates a platform for discussion, which brings a breath of fresh air into the company. 

More about the first MDC

The first round of the Management Development Center was launched in April 2010. The educational backgrounds of the twelve training participants were heterogeneous spanning across all corporate divisions – from computer scientists to business students all the way to psychologists. Click on the image to learn more.