Florian Lieb

The Software Factory Manager

"At PASS I make sure that our IT experts can concentrate on the creative tasks of software development while the robots of our Software Factory program quickly and error-free."

Florian, Head of Competence Center Core Technologies

Academic education

Until 2004 – Study of Computer Science at the University of Wuerzburg

Career with PASS

  • 1997-1998 – Student trainee, one of the developers of the PASS-ERP system
  • 2004 – Junior Consultant – Development of the first version of Software Factory
  • 2006 – Start of the Migration Factory for automated modernization of legacy applications
  • 2008 – Senior Consultant
  • 2009 – Establishment of the Competence Center Core Technologies
  • 2011 – Second generation of the Software Factory, covering the complete development lifecycle
  • 2016 – Third generation of Software Factory, migration to cloud technologies

What are your most important tasks?

The planning and control of the PASS Software Factory – a system for generating source code as well as the development of methods for accelerating software development. I am also a Java expert. I guess my tasks are 70% development and 30% management.

What is important to you about your work?

Above all, interesting tasks, a calm environment, competent colleagues, flexible working hours and – last but not least – self-organization.

What soft skills should you bring to your job?

Serenity, persuasiveness, commitment, motivation and tolerance.

What does PASS matter to you?

That it is a family business with financing from its own resources. Then there's my great workplace and the joy of innovation.

What can your boss learn from you?

Think different. Change perspectives.