Florian Lieb

Consultant on Industrial Software Development Processes

Academic Qualifications
Information Technology at Wurzburg University

Career at PASS



to 2002:

Student trainee


Full-time employment


Assistant Consultant


Junior Consultant


Consultant, Head of Competence Center Core Technologies

What’s life like at PASS?

150 employees work at the head office in Aschaffenburg. The building is located in the middle of a park and my office looks out directly over the terrace and beach volleyball field. Most colleagues around me are younger and many have come straight from university. For relaxation there is a fitness room, a billiard table and table football in the cellar.

What responsibilities do you have in your team?

As leader of the Competence Center “Core Technologies”, I drive the progress of our internal development technology. This means through my concepts the technological developments taking place at PASS become more efficient. For this, I also coordinate projects that ultimately implement these concepts. In addition as the primary contact for technology, I often visit clients to explain our proposals.

How would you describe your relationship with your boss?

I have a very good relationship with my boss, as I started my first internship at PASS in 1998 we have known each other quite a long time now and he trusts my decisions. I think that it is important to remain true to yourself and to talk to your boss like any other employee. We can always talk about any organizational or professional problems when they arise and I can usually convince him with good arguments.

Who supports you to reach your personal goals at PASS?

Primarily of course I get full support from my boss, but also my colleagues support me when they can. In critical phases, I know I can count on them to reach set targets.

What makes PASS so unique compared to other companies?

In many areas PASS is less bureaucratic than other employers. PASS and the work is therefore more relaxed and target orientated. As we are continually involved in top actual subjects, the work is never monotonous.