Dr. Franziska Toepfer

The career changer

"Within our development team, I provide user-friendly and advanced banking applications that clients enjoy working with."

Franziska, Junior Innovation Consultant

Academic education

Until 2018 – Studies and doctorate in biology and neurobiology, also a semester of computer science

Career with PASS

  • 2018 – Junior Innovation Consultant

How did your training go?

Due to my former career, I had a lot to learn, but the possibility to work independently in my new area of responsibility and still always have a contact person (learning by doing & asking) helped me a lot and made the familiarization quite easy.

What is important to you about your work?

That it is varied and interesting and gives me the opportunity to acquire new knowledge within the scope of my tasks.

Which soft skills are important in your job?

In any case, curiosity and the willingness to constantly learn new things or to familiarize oneself with new topics on a regular basis.

If your job was a sport, what would that be?

Basketball. Actually, any team sport would fit, but basketball is my favorite.

What does PASS matter to you?

What makes PASS so special to me is that it has a lot to offer to career changers.

What do you like about your team?

That there is almost always a good atmosphere and everyone is at eye level.

Do you have a tip for a newcomer to your profession at PASS?

Just give it a try. I personally learned here that what you can do is less important than what you can still learn!

Is there a special experience/anecdote that you associate with PASS?

The weekly race to the ice cream cart in summer is always fun (and delicious) :).