Kevin Wittke

Strategist in football – team player on the job

"When it comes to football, I take on great responsibility on and off the pitch, just because of my age and experience. With PASS I am still at the beginning and learn more every day."

Kevin, Head and Product Manager BU Sports

Career with PASS

  • August 2015 – Consultant Digital Sports
  • August 2019 – Head and Product Manager BU Sports

Why was it important for you to build up a second main pillar in addition to your sporting career as a footballer with Viktoria Aschaffenburg?

Since an athlete's career unfortunately only has a manageable duration, everyone must sooner or later ask themselves the question what comes next. For someone who has lived for years for competitive sport, this is a huge challenge and change. That's why over the last few years I've been training myself on the side to be prepared for day X when the bones won't join in. Together with Viktoria Aschaffenburg, PASS has now given me the opportunity to get a whole lot closer to the goal of a smooth transition.

What is the biggest challenge for you personally at the office job?

The sitting still – you have to get used to it first.

What does a typical working day look like to you?

Most of the time I am around 9 o'clock at the place, where first of all current sports results are discussed and analysed with my colleagues. The results of my own team are also not spared from the critical eye of my colleagues... Then I get to work, researching, working out and providing various things that our team needs in the short or long term. In between, there are a few meetings to exchange ideas within the BDM team and to delegate tasks. Depending on how I progress, I make my first closing time between 3 pm and 4 pm, which lasts about an hour. During this hour I strengthen myself and have a little nap from time to time. After that I go to the training so that I can finally ring in my second, real closing time at 8 pm.

Your two jobs seem very different at first glance. But are there also things that can be transferred from the soccer field to your work at PASS?

Yeah, definitely. Teamwork and game strategies, in which every player uses his abilities in such a way that he fits into the big picture and reaches one cog into the other, are good prerequisites for successfully leaving the pitch. With PASS it's the same: A clear strategy and the constant exchange between all those involved in a project are a good basis for working successfully.

And vice versa?

PASS attaches great importance to a positive working atmosphere and to giving everyone the opportunity to distinguish themselves through initiative and creativity. The same applies to football. Here even small things can decide victory or defeat, and respectful and constructive interaction with each other is simply part of it. No matter how well prepared a match plan may be – ultimately every team consists of creative individuals who often act intuitively.

To what extent does your special role in the team differ?

My role on the team is completely different. In football, I take on a lot of responsibility on and off the pitch just because of my age and experience. Here I try to help the younger and even less experienced players in their further development. At PASS I am more in the role of the "youth player": I am still at the very beginning of my "normal" working life, trying to find my way around more and more and learning more every day.

What compensation do you seek in your spare time?

In my spare time I take it easy and cruise with my bicycle through the area or dedicate myself to other things for which there is little time in everyday life. I am also president of our self-founded dart club and try to keep the games running. If the weather permits, you can also find me on one of the football golf courses in the country.