Maximilian Koenig

The Logistics Optimizer

"The algorithm, which grew out of my master's thesis at PASS, is now a fundamental building block of our entire Logistics product suite."

Maximilian, Certified System Consultant


Academic education

Bachelor and Master of Science in Computer Science at Julius Maximilians University Würzburg

Career with PASS

  • April 2019 - Master Thesis at PASS
  • February 2020 - Junior System Consultant
  • December 2021 – Certified System Consultant

Can you describe your most important tasks at PASS?

My work at PASS is based on three pillars: on the one hand, the classic development for our products MAPSERVICES, PASS MAPS and PLANTOUR. I started here with the algorithm that emerged from my master's thesis and which is now a fundamental building block of our entire product range. My current field of activity has since expanded to include various of our services, as well as topics such as load balancing and cloud architecture. Since the summer of 2020, I have also been an official trainer at PASS and also take care of the induction of new employees in our team together with my colleagues. I am also the internal project manager for the FaST-KI research project, which has been conducting research in the area of trip and downtime prediction for more precise planning in the courier business since October 2021.

How did the training go?

Due to my smooth transition from internship and master's thesis to permanent position, I had a very easy entry into the PASS world. My colleagues integrated me into the team right from the start and included me in meetings (even if only as a listener at the beginning). Of course, at the beginning I had to familiarize myself with all the tools and software products used, but this was quick and easy thanks to the support of my colleagues and the basic knowledge I had acquired at university. So I was able to integrate well into the team and gradually take on more and more responsibility.

What is important to you about your work?

Probably the most important aspect of my work is the fact that everyone in our team works together as equals, so that everyone's opinion is heard. Also, the social environment with the colleagues I have around me every day, whether it's the joint (digital) coffee break or the technical topics. Furthermore, the aspect of varied activities is also very high on my priority list.

What soft skills are important in your job?

The biggest soft skill priority for us is teamwork and communication skills, as well as the ability to accept criticism. Furthermore, we work with highly complex analytical and algorithmic topics, which bring their own high demands.

If your job were a sport, what would it be?

Definitely a team sport like Team Handball, where individual players can achieve success, but the outcome of the game always depends on the whole team and the interaction of those same individual players.

What makes PASS special for you?

The flat hierarchies and the daily interaction on the job, whether on site in Aschaffenburg or in the home office.  

What do you appreciate about your team?

In short, the team! We work well together in all areas, whether it's drinking coffee or dealing with technical issues. It's a harmonious atmosphere in which every opinion is heard.

Do you have any advice for someone new to your job at PASS?

Be open to new things, even if you don't have any experience in one or the other subject area. You can learn everything and go a long way at PASS.

What can your boss learn from you?

How to play tennis!