Urs Landwehrmann

The problem solver

"At PASS I ensure smooth first-level support and am the contact person for the customers of our data center with over 1400 servers."

Urs, IT Specialist System Integration

Academic education

2009 - 2011 Euro-Schools Organization Aschaffenburg
Training as commercial assistant with focus on IT

2011 - 2014 Messer Information Services GmbH
Training as IT specialist specializing in system integration

Career with PASS

  • 2018 – IT Administrator

What are your most important tasks?

I am a Windows administrator for Operating System, Active Directory, Exchange and Terminal Server Farm. I am the direct contact person for individual customers of our data center. Furthermore, I lead the team of our client support.

What is important to you about your work?

A positive, good and relaxed working atmosphere and very collegial interaction with each other.

Which soft skills are important in your job?

The willingness to learn and to pass on knowledge. Then of course flexibility and social competence, because I communicate a lot with customers and colleagues. Good handling in stressful situations is very important in my job.

If your job was a sport, what would that be?

A balanced relationship between endurance training and maximum strength training.

What does PASS matter to you?

The team spirit, the relaxed way of dealing with each other and the short official channels.

What do you like about your team?

The helpfulness of my colleagues and the ability to take difficult situations with humor and to laugh about them together.