About PASS


The PASS Consulting Group is an international group of companies. The core competencies are IT-Consulting, Software-Development, Project-Management and Solution Providing.

We have made our mark by means of our high-productive software development- and allocation techniques (Generators of the Solution Factory).

PASS was founded in 1981 and has more than 700 employees.


Vision / Mission


PASS strives for the development of IT products, solutions and services in zero-effects quality and for market leadership in automated software generation.

PASS will be a quality enterprise that achieves perfection in customer orientation, organization and leadership, based on competences and values. These values include amongst others truthfulness, appreciation, responsibility and independence.


We develop customized software for the price of standard software, based on reusable components. According to this, our core competencies are consulting, project management, manual and automated software development.

Our goal at PASS is to make our customers successful by means of competent consulting and by the use of IT products and solutions. The customer defines “success”.


What distinguishes PASS?

Why should you choose PASS?

What does PASS have that other organizations don’t have?

  • better career opportunities
  • shorter decision-making processes
  • direct contact to all levels
  • everyone whether managing director or caretaker, can fulfill themselves
  • diverse development opportunities and perspectives
  • the focus is on performance and reason
  • it’s not so much the time required that matters but the results
  • made possible by on-the-job training
  • in-house and free academy
  • take place regularly. Customers and employees are invited to exchange ideas on latest business and technological developments. These exchanges are initiated by market research, individual projects and also best practices.
  • Our aim is to create a platform for those who want to develop their subjects further and to share experiences.

What does PASS offer its employees?

PASS employees manage themselves as much as possible. This means the responsibility for their own performance as well as for their performance and advice to customers. At the same time everyone has the opportunity to develop further at hand – PASS simply provides the resources and infrastructure for this.

At PASS we use the informal German “Du” form and are on first name terms, as a sign of familiarity for each other. This also prevents formal authority and natural leadership develops based on competence.

At PASS we focus on performance. It provides the basis for compensation. The Goal is to deliver perfect quality results.

The PASS career model comprises of seven career steps that begin at entry level for newcomers to the business and culminate at executive level. It is expected that every employee will reach senior levels through progressively increasing knowledge and experience. The next career step and further perspectives right up to management are open to all who deliver exceptional performance.

PASS is a founder-led business; this means that decisions can often be reached very quickly. The doors to management are always open, which often makes work and progress easier.

Those who work at head office in Aschaffenburg, work in green surroundings. A little park, two beach volleyball fields, a terrace and much more encourage our employees to go out in summer. The billiard table and table football are also used to switch off in both winter and summer month.

What does PASS expect from employees?

What we understand by loyalty is an inner commitment to PASS. This means that the PASS values are represented within the organization as well as to others. Even in critical situations everyone should be prepared to put their own interests aside. PASS can rely on its employees and partners; trust will not be abused and targets set together will be taken seriously. Whenever problems arise, they will always be solved quickly and actively or communicated.

Identification and authenticity are prerequisites for a successful cooperation. The criteria for commitment is the active contribution to the organization through suggestions, ideas, participating at workshops and taking on responsibility for projects or in the organization without being directly associated or needing a formal title. For us social competence requirements include the continual professional and personal development through own initiative, the permanent quest for higher quality work results and interest in general social and economic developments.

Work in management consultancy demands flexibility from all employees. This is reflected again in the following dimensions:

  • Flexibility with regard to the different roles one has in PASS projects
  • Flexibility with regard to subjects and/or tasks
  • Flexibility with regard to the place of work

An enjoyable work atmosphere contributes greatly to individual performance. It is therefore important for us that employees take each other seriously and support each other;

  • professional or personal superiority will not be played out at the expense of others but used objectively for the task without personal advantage.
  • everyone shares their knowledge with others,
  • new employees will receive orientation training from experienced mentors,
  • younger and older employees mutually accept each other

PASS expects team spirit and collegiality

Everyone should be able to learn and profit from the knowledge of others, for this PASS has a Knowledge-Management-System available for all. To increase the collection everyone is requested to acquire information independently and pass on information relevant for decisions.

All employees must drive themselves. PASS assumes that everyone will pursue agreed goals, will carry out their duties as autonomously and self-sufficiently as possible and take personal responsibility for driving customer-consulting processes.


There are phases in life when it’s important for employees to balance private interests or family life with work life. To achieve this, they are prepared to accept less pay.

These options can be considered in part-time models, by means of sabbaticals, by downshifting and a highly flexible team and organization.

Here are some examples of colleagues who have taken advantage of our offers to balance their professional and private lives.

Flexible working hours

“I have always matched my family situation and work at PASS and my working hours have varied between 16 and 34 hours per week. At PASS it is important that the results are right and they are delivered punctually and not, when the work is done. This is important for me as I don’t want to live without my profession and my children don’t want to live without me. Through the flexible working hours I can do both and this is important for both a harmonious family life and my personal equilibrium.”

“As a mother of three a good work-life-balance is very important for me. On one side, I would like to carry out my job as a System Consultant and on the other side my family is my top priority. I therefore have a special agreement with PASS: I start working at 5.30 so that I can spend time with my husband and children from the early afternoon”


"In September 2004 PASS made it possible for me to work for a four month period as a volunteer on a project for street children in Ecuador. Following SOS Children’s Villages’ example, we built a house on a huge land plot in the Rio Negros Mountains for about 6 children and a child-carer. At the same time it was important to clear land to be cultivated, to secure a water supply and drainage, to take general care of the finca and to make contact with neighbors and village locals. This experience showed me that starting a career doesn’t have to mean the end of looking over the horizon and it was an opportunity for me to do something very different, crazy and risky,”

“After many years of work behind me, I had the strong desire to escape from work and my daily routine, to find my own rhythm and reflect on the most important things in life. So from April to July 2007 for body, spirit and soul, I went on a sabbatical and began my pilgrimage along the 2.600 km St. James’ Way on foot. This journey was possible due to the generosity of my family and PASS, who granted me the extra time needed over and well above my annual vacation entitlement, as a sabbatical. I spoke to many people on the pilgrimage, who couldn’t take such a long time off from work and were surprised to hear that there are organizations, that make such undertakings possible.”

Modular and flexible training opportunities

"The PASS Academy gives me the possibility to attend seminars that are not only project related. Through my work in projects, I have developed and am confined to a highly specialized knowledge, which is independent of customer processes. So I can offer more to customers and for my own personal development, I try to involve myself with current topics covered at the Academy. It is important for me that the courses offered are not only focused on business related subjects. Through my work at customer locations, I have little contact with colleagues at PASS but I can meet them at these seminars and strengthen my ties to PASS.”